Wedding Wednesday

   Ugh how is it already November??? I am feeling a little overwhelmed between preparing for Rory and planning a wedding but at the same time I don't because my mind is like 100% focused on Rory and 0% focused on wedding planning. And today I'm mainly just thinking about the fact that after my meeting I get to have Chipotle for lunch.

   We did not get anything done last month and this sooo cannot happen again this month. So let's get onto reviewing what we need to get done this month in the world of wedding planning.

  •    Finish calculating food & drink estimate. This really isn't going to be too hard since I already have almost all of the individual prices written down and just need to finish writing prices down and add it all up but I just can't seem to get myself to do it. This WILL happen THIS month or I'm seriously going to kick myself.
  •    Start creating a reception playlist or at least figure out how many songs we need to choose.
  •    Pick out/ order wedding bands. I want to just get this done and over with before Rory is here and putting it on December's to-do list is just putting way too much shit on my shoulders. Plus, if we go pick out and order them Thanksgiving weekend/ Black Friday weekend, we might be able to get them a little cheaper.
  •    Finalize what the Ring Bearer is going to wear and let my sister know so that she has plenty of time to go out and buy it. And finalize or at least discuss in more detail what the Groomsmen and Jesse are going to wear. Aand look more for earrings for my MOH and Bridesmaid. I already started this last month or the month before but I don't really remember if I actually found a pair I was 100% sold on for them. So I should probably revisit that.
  •    Order invitations and RSVP cards. We are going to send them out in December before Rory is born to get it out of the way, so we need to order them this month.
  •    Get my mom to talk to the church next door to see if they'll let us use their parking lot for parking.
   Happy hump day!



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