2016 Christmas Card

   Good Morning y'all! Only 5 more days until Christmas!!! I can't believe it is so close and despite getting our Christmas shopping done super early this year, not a single gift is wrapped.

   Anyways, as usual, we put the dogs in their Holiday attire for their Christmas card picture. We even got Gary the same tie that Tigger has. And as expected, Christmas card picture taking this year was not easy at all thanks to Gary. We had little time and patience and just wanted to get the job done, so here is our Christmas card for 2016...

   And I know, Audrey, Tigger and I aren't officially McAwards yet but close enough! Only a hair over 5 months until we are! 

   Merry Christmas from The McAwards everyone! I hope everyone has a great and safe Holiday and be on the lookout for the nursery reveal post this week that I promised I'd have up.



  1. Adorable and great effort on your part. It's always a shit show trying to get all dogs looking at the camera together in unison. Great effort. :)
    Merry Christmas Babe!

  2. Your Christmas card is too cute for words!



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