36 Week Bumpdate

   You guys!!! I get to meet my little girl in 3 weeks and 2 days!!! I can't believe it is so freakin' close!

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: 12/31/2016 New Year's Eve but c-section is scheduled for 12/28/16.

Baby is the Size of: A large canteloupe! Baby should be measuring about 19-22" long and should weigh 6 lbs. Ha! At my ultrasound 4 weeks ago, she was weighing 6 lbs 1 oz. I'll find out how much she is weighing now tomorrow at my appointment with the high risk specialist.

Weight Gain: 37 lbs. Yup, I'm just going to have to accept this weight gain. I'm at the point where I do not care anymore (kind of) and just want to eat whatever will make me feel better.

Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, sensitive boobs, moody, fatigue, sciatic nerve pain, back pain, fainting, heartburn, hip pain, acid reflux, pelvic pressure, and braxton hicks (I think). I've had to start taking 2-3 Diclegis pills a day for morning sickness. I have just been feeling so sick and nauseous lately and like total crap. I'm so over this and so ready (but not ready) for Rory to be out of me.

Gender: Girl!

Name: Rory Brielle

Movement: Yes, some days she is more active than others but that's completely normal.

Engagement Ring On or Off: On but sometimes it'll be a little difficult to get it on or take it off.

Bellybutton In or Out: Still technically in but definitely looks like it's making it's way on being an outie which I would totally not like b/c it creeps me out for some reason.

Signs of Labor: I'm still thinking I'm experiencing braxton hicks. I've read they're not supposed to be painful but if this is what I'm experiencing, they're definitely painful and they tend to happen when I'm driving home from work lol or in this morning's case, they happened on my way to work. The pelvic pressure has been increasing. Some days it is horrible and some days I don't have it. When we were running errands on Saturday I seriously felt like her hand or something was going to pop out of me.

Nursery: We're going with a woodland/ woodland critters and floral theme. The nursery is almost finished! I just need to get like 2 tiny things done. I'm hoping to get the reveal out next week, so be on the lookout for that post!

Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing maternity jeans but on other days I'm still wearing some of my pre-pregnancy jeans unzippered with a belly band. I'm wearing maternity shirts but also still wearing my pre-pregnancy shirts (not all of them obviously lol). And I've been wearing my maternity winter coat that is too big.

Sleep: Exhausted. I just want to be home laying down. I'm tossing and turning throughout the night.

Best Moment(s) of the Week: 

   -My non stress test. I was actually taken back on time for once and I requested cold apple juice right away which worked like a charm. Even though I didn't feel her move more than 3 times, the non stress test showed her moving and everything that needed to be seen in order for it to get the green light and I only had to be hooked up for the normal 20 minutes instead of 1 hour like the previous two tests. So from now on I'm going to request cold apple juice at the start of every single one.

   -Getting the hospital bags packed for the most part. Some stuff can't be packed in advance but they are pretty much good to go. And Jesse cleaned out the cars and installed the car seat bases and car seat!

   -We went over my mom's Saturday night and Sunday. My nephew was there for the weekend and my older sister came up for family dinner on Sunday. My nephew was a freakin' crazy hyper nut but he is so funny and always makes everyone laugh. 

Missing: Wine, wine coolers, margaritas, and GIN and TONICS.

Cravings & Aversions: Rice (and Chipotle- that's a given), brownies, cupcakes, cookies, fresh veggies (mainly fresh raw green peppers), chocolate, soft serve vanilla and chocolate twist custard, Wendy's (especially their spicy chicken sandwiches which I craved quite often in the first trimester), McDonald's french fries, Five Guys' french fries and Olive Garden's black tie mousse cake.

   Aversions... Still the same. Grilled chicken (unless it is like overdone and crispyish), nuts, spinach & artichoke dip, tortillas, and biscuits.

Mood: Very happy but getting very easily annoyed.

Looking Forward to: 
   -My ultrasound tomorrow!!! I can't wait to see Rory and find out how much our little chunky girl is weighing now.

   -My non stress test Thursday. Again, not really something I'm looking forward to but it needs to get done and it confirms whether or not things are still going ok.

   -Getting a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed this weekend for the final time before Rory is born. I cannot wait for that pedicure.

   -Season 2 of Fuller House!!!



  1. I cannot wait girl! It's coming up so soon!! Literally you're going to blink and she'll be here. I'm also anxious to see how all the furkids will react.


    1. I know! It's crazy how close it is but I swear the days are freakin' dragging on by sooo slowly. I'm in so much pain and so miserable and have definitely been a little extra cranky towards Jesse. Thankfully he is very understanding. I'm just so beyond ready for them to get her out of me lol.


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