Wedding Wednesday

   Happy Wedding Wednesday! I decided to only doing Wedding Wednesdays once a month instead of twice because they were getting a little boring and I just don't feel like doing two with being pregnant and all. So let's get straight to the chase and look at what we got done last month and what we need to get done this month...

From last month's to-do list:

  •    Finish calculating food & drink estimate. I know, I know, it is absolutely ridiculous and sad that we haven't finished this... so it'll be on yet another month's to-do list.
  •    Start creating a reception playlist or at least figure out how many songs we need to choose. Yup, haven't done this either.
  •    Pick out/ order wedding bands... yes! This is done and we have our wedding bands at the house! And it definitely worked in our favor getting them on Black Friday. They were on sale and we came in under budget, yay!!!
This is the one I chose from Littman Jewelers!!!

  •    Finalize what the Ring Bearer is going to wear and let my sister know so that she has plenty of time to go out and buy it. Still need to do this too sadly. But at least I have an inspiration board I put together already and printed out. I just need to ask Jesse's opinion again b/c I can't remember what he told me months ago and then let my older sister know so that she can order it all for my nephew.
  •    Order invitations & RSVP cards- done! Invitations have been ordered and are at the house. I ordered a RSVP card downloadable template file on Etsy. I've edited the information and printed them out. Now I just need to cut them and get some little envelopes for them.
  •    Get my mom to talk to the church next door to see if they'll let us use their parking lot for parking. My mom hasn't done this yet but I did give her a deadline around the middle of this month (or before?) so that we have an answer, I can type up the parking info and print it out to be put with the wedding invitations.
New to December's to-do list:
  •    Mail out wedding invitations. I need to cut out the RSVP cards, buy little envelopes for the RSVP cards, and get the parking info from my mom before we can mail out the invitations but this needs to be done this month.
   And I think that's it for this month. We just really need to try to get these things done asap before Rory is born b/c I know that once she's here, the chaos and procrastination on the wedding front is just going to increase.

   Happy Hump Day!


  1. Such a pretty band you picked out! Getting it on sale is a wonderful savings. Beautifully Candid

    1. Thank you Sierra! I love a great deal!


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