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Rory Brielle's Birth Story

Hey y'all, I'm baaack! I've been busy being a mom and having issues with crappy Comcast internet. So I'm trying to get this post done while I sit in Starbucks before I pick up Rory from her second day of school (daycare)!

   So if you can't remember or your new to the blog, Rory's due date was 12/31/16 and I had a c-section scheduled for 12/27/16.

   On 12/19/16 and 12/20/16, I was experiencing what I thought were actual contractions (and they were) and had my last prenatal appointment on the 20th. The midwife I saw said that what I was describing were braxton hicks. I had been having braxton hicks prior and these were much different. It was like strong menstrual cramps in my lower abdomen. On 12/21/16, they were getting stronger and more frequent while I was at work but they weren't bad and I was in denial that they were actual contractions.

   I decided to grab some Chipotle after work and after eating a delicious burrito bowl, I figured I should proba…