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Months 4-6

Alright, now let's try to get through months 4-6.

4 Months Old

12 lbs 2 ounces, 24 1/2" long, 41.3 cm head circumference.

You finally sleep in your pack n' play and by "in your pack n' play" I mean like forreal. You no longer sleep in your car seat in your pack n' play.

I swear you said "wow".
You still love singing and dancing and when mommy says "boo". And you still love your Boppy lounger.
You're getting better with getting undressed and dressed and not being a total drama queen about it.
You love to be sitting up.
You're still teething and drooling a ton but no teeth have broken through yet. You like to chew on mommy's finger though. You love to suck on your finger and try to put your whole fist in your mouth.
You actually touch the dogs' faces now.
You love going to "school" at Aunt Andie's and you look very confused at Zoey whenever you see her and she is screaming and crying.
You're "tal…

I'm Baccck and Months 1-3 Update

Well the title kind of says it all. I'm back or at least I'm trying to be. My life is and has been so hectic but I am really going to try to squeeze blogging in at least once or twice a month? I think that's a pretty realistic goal, right? When I actually have time, I'd really like to revamp the blog big time but for now, that is on the back back back burner.
   Sooo my daughter is 8 months old today and I should probably get to writing and posting her monthly updates shouldn't I? I've been keeping notes in my iPhone, so I'm sure lots of things were missed but lets try to catch up and do better with month 9, ok?
1 Month Old
You had 3 doctor's appointments, so we have three different measurements... 1st: You were down to 8 lbs 2 ounces and still 21" long. 2nd: The following week you were up to 8 lbs 14 1/2 ounces. 3rd: You got up to 10 lbs and 22" long.
You're in size 1 diapers. I think you were in NB's for like 3 days.
Likes: Bottle,…