Months 4-6

   Alright, now let's try to get through months 4-6.

4 Months Old

12 lbs 2 ounces, 24 1/2" long, 41.3 cm head circumference.

You finally sleep in your pack n' play and by "in your pack n' play" I mean like forreal. You no longer sleep in your car seat in your pack n' play.

I swear you said "wow".
You still love singing and dancing and when mommy says "boo". And you still love your Boppy lounger.
You're getting better with getting undressed and dressed and not being a total drama queen about it.
You love to be sitting up.
You're still teething and drooling a ton but no teeth have broken through yet. You like to chew on mommy's finger though. You love to suck on your finger and try to put your whole fist in your mouth.
You actually touch the dogs' faces now.
You love going to "school" at Aunt Andie's and you look very confused at Zoey whenever you see her and she is screaming and crying.
You're "talking" a lot.
You got your first tan laying outside while we made wedding decorations.
You make a gurgling/ humming noise/ sound that sounds like "love you".
Dyed easter eggs and celebrated your first Easter.

First trip to the Pet ER with Gary for a liver enzyme scare.
You sat in your tea party exersaucer for the first time and played with the toys.
You rolled over!
You love holding your stuffed animals.
Your daddy calls you "Little One".

5 Months Old

You still love dancing and singing, Boppy lounger, and your tea party exersaucer that you have tea parties in.
You pinky promised you would never joint a sorority (we were watching a movie or show or read an article that had to do with something negative about sororities but of course I can't remember).
You had your first giggle and laugh!
I swear you said "MaMa". And sometimes you sound like you're saying "Hello" but I'm not too sure on that one.
You watch our food like a hawk and want it so badly. Right after your 4 month appointment, we decided to start giving you baby food. You LOVE sweet potatoes and go "mmm mm" when you're eating them. You've also had some tiny licks of sweets like icing and chocolate ice cream.
You LOVE shopping, looking at clothes on my phone (if I have a clothing or toy store open on my phone and leave my phone with you, you tend to add stuff to the cart), and getting packages of clothes in the mail.
You love looking at dogs on Instagram or on my phone in general- you're an animal lover!
You had your first trip to the mall!
You helped and went to Aunt Desi's baby shower we threw for her.
You like to try to feed yourself (holding the bottle and holding the spoon).
You LOVE Daddy's beard and you like to pull it and hold it (as well as mommy's hair).
We bought you a floaty that goes around your neck and put you in it in the tub- you loved it.
First trip to the zoo (Plumpton Park Zoo)! You loved it and were awake the entire time looking at the animals. You also met a 3 month old baby named Joseph while you were there. You loved him and held his hand.
Aunt Andie got you a duck, Bushwick, and Nonna got you a chicken, Talulah.
You love staring at your hands and grabbing your feet. You have started sucking on your toes and trying to crawl.
You sometimes give me high five (me only) and will put your hand on mine looking amazed (probably at the size difference). You're sooooo smart!
Aunt Andie took you to the Dollar Store to get candy. The cashier asked you what candy you were getting and Aunt Andie said that none of the candy was for you. You did not like that and started crying.
You're very sassy and such a happy baby.
When you wake up in the morning, you wake up with a big smile.
You and I stretch all the time and we stretch very similarly. You also like to turn your whole body or upper body sideways when you're in your Boppy lounger or in your pack n' play- another thing mommy tends to do. You also stick your big toes up just like mommy.
It looks like your blue eyes are here to stay!!! Your hair changes from brown to auburn to light brown to almost blondish but mommy thinks you will be a brunette.
You have been super chatty. Nonna says mommy was the same way.
You attended Zoey's baptism and you were so good! You were awake the whole time and paid attention (this was also you first time at a church).
You definitely recognize the sound of the Baby Brezza.
You went with mommy to her wedding hair and makeup trial and were so good. You loved watching me get my hair done and loved the attention from everyone.
You love Disney songs, especially the Little Mermaid song "Under the Sea". You love dolls, especially Ariel (of course).
You "helped" mommy bake Lazy Cookie Bars.
You've been going with mommy to take the dogs potty and helping give them treats.
Mommy's first official Mother's Day! You got me a card and a shirt that says "I run on Coffee, Target, and Amazon Prime".

6 Months Old

14 albs 12 1/2 oz (30th percentile), 26 1/2" long (79th percentile).

You drink 6-8 ounce bottles, eat rice cereal, and eat pureed baby food. You want "real" food soooo badly, even more so than before. We got the go ahead from Dr. Rowand to try giving you mushed up versions of some of our dinners, so we'll attempt to try that.
You kind of crawl with help but you like to keep your arms by your sides, plus you have a big heavy head.
You like to pat your tummy and scratch things like the Boppy lounger, couch, and netting of the pack n' play (I think you like the sound).
I swear you said mom/ mamm, Hello, and Hi. When you were crying because you were hungry and daddy was making your bottle, I swear you said "MaMa".
You wore your sunglasses for the first time. You're iffy about them.
You love when I move my fingers around and you say "ooonga/ whoonga" (I think you're trying to say "finger"). You like talking to your hands (like full blown conversations)... or your hands in general.
You are now in your convertible car sear.
You now sit in the shopping carts at stores with the cart cover.
You Love mangoes and chocolate ice cream. If I'm eating a chocolate ice cream bar, you flip out if I don't give you some. So of course I share with you.
You were our flower girl in our wedding.
You watched the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast.
You went to the library with Aunt Andie, Lucas, and Marshall. The Maryland Zoo brought some animals and your favorite was the African Penguin named Hope. They even took your picture and posted it on their twitter page!
One of your bottom front teeth is finally coming through/ a tiny but poking out (took long enough since it looks like 4+ bottom teeth have been trying to come through).
The day you turned 6 months old marked 1 year since I announced I was pregnant with you on social media.
You have been sitting up and can sit up without assistance for a minute or two before falling over.
You love your stuffed animal English Bulldog, Marnie, who wears a tiara. You hug and pet her (you also actually pet our real English Bulldog, Audrey, too) and she helped comfort you when you got 3 shots.
You sit in your high chair when being fed.
Daddy's first official Father's Day! We made Daddy a card with some of your footprints on it turned into Yodas and got him a Daddy Star Wars related shirt.
You have become so much more talkative and alert.
You also tried out your jumparoo and you are now so much more interactive with all of the toys on it.
You go in Aunt Andie's pool and Daddy, Nonna, Nonno, and I took your to a State Park. We went on a paddle boat (it was mommy's first time on a paddle boat too) and we took you in the water in your Little Mermaid bikini.
You love the doorway jumper at Nonna's and Aunt Andie's.
1st Memorial Day.
Nonna and Nonno got two more goats and we named one for you, Nellie.
You took the longest nap in your crib that you've ever taken in your crib, 1 hour long.
You like sitting in your Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up in the kitchen while mommy cooks, dances, sings, and plays Disney songs.
We went to Target to get the Little Mermaid movies, they didn't have them. So we opted for Pocahontas l and ll. We haven't watched them yet but you kept trying to chew the corner of the DVD box in the store and threw a fit when I had to take it from you so that they cashier could ring it up and we could pay for it.
We can now put your hair in a little clip or band in the front and you look sooo adorable!!!
Daddy has mainly been on night shift at work lately. Sometimes he gets off a little early and gets home before you and I have to leave the house. When he gets there right before it's time to wake you up, he wakes you up. When you open your eyes and see daddy, you get the biggest smile on your face and your eyes light up. You've started putting hair and beards more so and you're really strong, so it hurts.

Jeez, these are starting to get pretty long! Ok, now just two more months to go unless I don't finish them before she's 9 months old!



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