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9 Months Old

What??? We're actually doing a monthly update on time? It must be a miracle! On another note, I can't believe we have a 9 month old!!!

9 Months Old

Rory's 9 month appointment isn't until next week, so we won't know how big you have gotten until then.

You like to swing your toys in Audrey's face/ at her and you think it is so funny (you don't do it in a mean way, trust me, mommy wouldn't stand for that).
Hurricane Harvey happened in Texas and we donated to an animal rescue and the Humane Society of the United States. Hurricane Irma and Jose occurred not long after in Florida.
You tried bbq chicken, pulled chicken from Mission BBQ, watermelon and the inside of a grape.
You're becoming so independent and you try to undress yourself all by yourself.
(Nonna holding you at Great Grandmom's Farm and you just being precious) First trip to Great Grandmom's (GG's) Farm in Virginia, which was also the longest car ride you've been in. You had …

10 Week Bumpdate

Ok, so let's try this thing again lol. And as I said in my announcement post, these things are not going to be posted weekly. I'm going to try to do them every other week but we'll see.

How Far Along: 10 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: 4/14/18

Baby is the Size of: a prune! 1.5" long

Weight Gain: The other week, I was down 3 lbs but I gained one pound back last week. So I'm down 2 lbs. Definitely didn't have that with Rory but I'm not complaining.

Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting (controlled by Diclegis AND Promethazine), bloating, moody, fatigue, and lower back/ tailbone pain.

Gender: Waiting until the anatomy scan this time to find out. Luckily there is a lot going on from now until then to keep me busy. Funny thing is, I should be finding out the gender around the time my cousin is giving birth to her baby #2 (a girl, she already has a boy).

Name: We already have a name picked out for a boy and a name picked out for a girl. We will reveal when we find out the gender!


SURPRISE! Guess Who is Going to be a Big Sister...

Surprise!!! Rory is going to be a big sister! Yup, you read that right. I’m pregnant with baby #2. We started trying a little earlier than we had originally planned (once we decided to have another baby) and got pregnant on the first try (something I didn’t expect). Baby #2 is due April 14, 2018 and will be 100% our last baby. We’re two and done no doubt.
This pregnancy has been very similar to my first but with some new things added. I started experiencing the dreaded morning sickness before I even got a positive pregnancy test. I started testing early (around 3 ½ weeks) because I was suspecting I was pregnant and would get super faint lines but couldn’t tell if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not. But I finally got a dark line and two positive digital tests when I was 4 weeks pregnant and then I believed it (still hadn’t even missed my period yet!). With Rory, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until the day before I was 5 weeks but we didn’t 100% believe it that day, so we had…

Months 7-8

We're getting caught up!!! I was beginning to think it would never happen.

7 Months Old

First trip to Rita's! You had some of daddy's cotton candy italian ice but you weren't crazy about it. You loved sharing mommy's dr. pepper and vanilla gelati though!
We took you in your baby pool. You were ok with it but liked playing with the squirt toys.
You have transitioned from the infant bath tub to the blow up ducky tub (aka USS Ducky) and have bath toys. You like when daddy squirts you with the bath toys and you even open your mouth for him to squirt water in your mouth.
You got your ears pierced on mommy's birthday at the Piercing Pagoda at Park City Mall in Lancaster. Auntie Jen held you while I held the piercer's phone for you to watch the "Under the Sea" part from The Little Mermaid. You did great and look so cute!
You went to Harley's first birthday pool party.
You LOVE mac n' cheese baby food! Give you some mac n' cheese and sweet p…