Months 7-8

   We're getting caught up!!! I was beginning to think it would never happen.

7 Months Old

First trip to Rita's! You had some of daddy's cotton candy italian ice but you weren't crazy about it. You loved sharing mommy's dr. pepper and vanilla gelati though!
We took you in your baby pool. You were ok with it but liked playing with the squirt toys.
You have transitioned from the infant bath tub to the blow up ducky tub (aka USS Ducky) and have bath toys. You like when daddy squirts you with the bath toys and you even open your mouth for him to squirt water in your mouth.
You got your ears pierced on mommy's birthday at the Piercing Pagoda at Park City Mall in Lancaster. Auntie Jen held you while I held the piercer's phone for you to watch the "Under the Sea" part from The Little Mermaid. You did great and look so cute!
You went to Harley's first birthday pool party.
You LOVE mac n' cheese baby food! Give you some mac n' cheese and sweet potatoes and you're as happy as can be (you do get pretty dang hangry).
You ate the inside part of a hot dog and the inside part of a blueberry. We've tried giving you other tiny or kind of mushed up foods but you usually start coughing/ choking and it freaks us out, mainly your daddy, and then he says no more solid food [insert eye roll emoji].
We let you play with your baby food- once.
You love petting Audrey... with your hands and feet (and it melts my heart!).
You are kicking up a storm.
You are talking up a storm too. You say "ooo". You said "dada"!- we think. You are close to saying "puppy" but only say the "P(pa)" sound.
You high five (and not just for mommy)!
You visited your Aunt Desi and Uncle Brandon at the York Memorial Hospital to meet your cousins, Luciana and Sicilia the day they were born and then we went out to eat at Red Robin.
You love to put toys that have rings on them around your wrist like a bracelet or your shoulder like a purse.
You're kind of starting to scoot. You roll all over the place.
You like to use your feet.
You have been starting to roll onto your tummy while you sleep. Sometimes you stay like that and sometimes you whine for me to roll you back over.
You walk when we hold you up and I'm starting to think you're going to walk before you crawl. When you try to crawl, you move your legs but don't move your arms. Sometimes you try to use your head/ chin instead of your arms to try to move forward.
You can stand with me minimally supporting you.
You like to take my glasses off and hold them.

8 Months Old

You're in size 4 diapers and fit into some twelve month clothing (just not bottoms). You drink a few 6 ounce bottles a day and eat a few containers of baby food a day (sometimes two at a time). You are no longer on prune juice.
You make clicking noises with your tongue.
Your third tooth (top tooth) is coming in. You're a champ with taking your grape infant's Tylenol (like you have always been, just forgot to mention it in previous updates).
You went to mommy's company picnic and to daddy's company picnic. At daddy's company picnic, you got your first airbrush tattoo- a four leaf clover!
You tried a lemon, actual mac n' cheese, marinara sauce, a pancake and a strawberry. You love sweet potato and banana teethers. You love sharing ice cream with mommy.
You love when mommy and daddy read you bedtime stories.
You LOVE being in your jumparoo all of the time.
You're still kicking up a storm. We put Irish dancing music on for you while you were in your jumper and you started kicking and tapping your feet keeping up with the beat looking like you were actually Irish dancing.
You love to scream out of excitement and to use your voice. You have little yelling matches with mommy joking around.
You're getting a little clingy and mainly just want mommy and for us to snuggle (I'm not complaining).
We put you on a quilt on the floor now and the dogs lay with you while you play.
You said "doggy" and "Doggy Oggy Oggy"- I think you were trying to say "Audrey" who we also refer to as "Audgey". You say "Ma", "Da", "DaDa", and "Ba" all the time when you're babbling.
You're practically crawling. Ok, I pretty much classify it as crawling. It's a weird unique crawl but I'll take what I can get. You get on all 4's and rock.
Sometimes when mommy wakes up, you're sleeping with your little booty in the air. When you're standing on daddy's legs and he says, "Show mommy your booty" you bend over and drop it low hahaha.
You like to get on all 4's and kind of rock and lunge at daddy making growling/ monster noises and you look like a little lion.
You got hives on your legs mainly but we don't know why and neither does the doctor.
You like blowing bubbles/ spitting/ raspberries.
You're sticking your finger out like you're pointing at something.
*Solar eclipse 2017 happened*
We found out that mommy is pregnant again- you're going to be a big sister! We bought you a big sister book to read to you and we took our announcement pictures of you with your new book.



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