SURPRISE! Guess Who is Going to be a Big Sister...

Surprise!!! Rory is going to be a big sister! Yup, you read that right. I’m pregnant with baby #2. We started trying a little earlier than we had originally planned (once we decided to have another baby) and got pregnant on the first try (something I didn’t expect). Baby #2 is due April 14, 2018 and will be 100% our last baby. We’re two and done no doubt.

This pregnancy has been very similar to my first but with some new things added. I started experiencing the dreaded morning sickness before I even got a positive pregnancy test. I started testing early (around 3 ½ weeks) because I was suspecting I was pregnant and would get super faint lines but couldn’t tell if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not. But I finally got a dark line and two positive digital tests when I was 4 weeks pregnant and then I believed it (still hadn’t even missed my period yet!). With Rory, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until the day before I was 5 weeks but we didn’t 100% believe it that day, so we had tested the following day when I was 5 weeks. Also with Rory, the morning sickness didn’t start until around 6ish weeks. I am pretty much having the same cravings as with Rory, spicy and sweet although I’m rarely having cravings because I’m so freakin’ sick!!! I ended up making a call to my doctor’s office 13 days before my first prenatal appointment because I was THAT sick and none of my tricks were working. THANK GOD they agreed to put me on Diclegis even though they hadn’t seen me because I needed it and Diclegis doesn’t 100% kick in right away anyway- and it still hasn't or it just isn't working as well, so they also put me on Promethazine (apparently that is one of the things used to make sizzurp). And the new things in this pregnancy are that I’m very emotional and moody, like crying every day and ready to rip Jesse’s head off, and I’m experiencing a little bit of cramping but that’s totally normal. Oh and I am so bloated (also normal) that I look like I’m like 4 months pregnant.

At one point I had a dream that I was pregnant and took another test a week or 2 later and it was positive (duh) but in my dream that meant that I was having twins. I’ve wanted twins but that would be way too much for us and it would be extremely extremely extremely hard for us. I also kept having a feeling that I was having boy/ girl twins but then some days I think I’m just having one and that it’s a boy or that it’s a girl- so basically, I have no real gut feeling yet. Jesse thinks I’m having a girl. I’m excited to see what my gut feeling is around 9-11 weeks because that’s when I got my gut feeling with Rory that she was 100% a girl and I was right. 

*Update: Just 1 baby in there, thank God! I'll share the sonogram on my bumpdate post, ya know, when I get around to doing that.

Anyways, enjoy these pictures of my goofy little princess!



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