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20 Week Bumpdate

I know, I know, I'm late. I've been feeling sick and Jesse also hid the scale so that I couldn't weigh myself [insert eye roll emoji]. Butttt better late than never, right? Especially since I thought about skipping this one altogether after missing it.

How Far Along: 20 weeks and 5 days

Due Date: 4/14/18

Baby is the Size of: a mango! Baby #2 should weigh 10 oz and measure 6.5" long. At my anatomy scan at 18 1/2 weeks, this girl was weighing 9 oz. After my next scan, we should be able to get a better idea of the rate she is growing at.

Weight Gain: 6 lbs... ugh, I was not expecting to see that amount of weight gain on the scale when I weighed myself yesterday but it has been 2 1/2 weeks, almost 3, since I last weighed myself and when we moved, we ate junk like pizza b/c that's what you usually do when you move and need to unpack and get the rest of your cooking stuff from your old house and actually grocery shop. But a weight gain total of 6 lbs at almost 21 weeks preg…

11 Months Old

11 Months Old

This is what 11 months old looks like. You are in that defiant rebellious stage. You get into anything and everything. You prefer to be pantless and sockless.

1st Halloween- you dressed up as a mermaid!

Experienced your first car accident... a deer hit mommy's car right after she had just started driving after stopping for a different deer.

You wave bye and hi all the time and now you're starting to do this flicky swish motion with your wrist while you wave that makes you look like such a diva.

You love to clap. We say, "Clap, clap, clap" and you clap away. It is the cutest!

We have added some whole milk to your bottles and you seem to like it. We're also trying to get you to use a sippy cup more. With the sippy cup, you tend to just tilt your head back while drinking it (I think you do that to let it just drip in your mouth- so clever).

You eat lots of real food and love it!... and soda thanks to Nonna.

You are obsessed with your eeyore toothbrush …

Baby #2 is a....


   I am still in shock! I for sure thought we were having a boy but we're super excited! Even though we both originally wanted a boy this pregnancy, we then changed our minds and said we both wanted another girl and we got exactly that. Bring on the glitter, tutus, princesses, dress-up, and tea parties! I can officially use the hashtag #girlmom now.

   It is so crazy to actually know what I am having. This was a whole new experience for us b/c with Rory, I had the genetic testing done. So I knew the gender early and was told over the phone and then relayed the info to Jesse. This time we had to wait longer and got to see the gender and do a little reveal. If you hop on over to my instagram you can see a short clip of the video if it is still in my instastories.

   Prior to the appointment, my younger sister went to Party City and bought blue confetti and pink confetti and 2 black balloons. She had them put the girl confetti in one balloon and the blue confetti in …

Baby #2 Gender Guess

Alright y'all, we find out the gender later today!!! That means this is everyone's last chance to guess baby #2's gender before we find out and reveal. So freakin' excited!!! So let's take a look at what the Old Wive's Tales predictions are...

   1. Skull Theory- I couldn't do this since the tech only gave us 3D images printed out at my 12 1/2 week ultrasound. In simplest terms, rounder heads= girl, blocky/ square head= boy. So this Old Wive's Tale can't even be applied.

   2. Nub Theory- I was so sad that at my 12 1/2 week ultrasound, baby wouldn't cooperate and wouldn't move into a position to where we could do nub theory. But if the nub is straight, it is a girl and if it is sticking up (there's a certain degrees but it doesn't matter since this baby was too stubborn!), then it is a boy. And this Old Wive's Tale can't be applied.

   3. Ring Swing Test- If the ring moves in a circle (wedding band placed on a strand of yo…

18 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 18 weeks and 2 days

Due Date: 4/14/18

Baby is the Size of: a sweet potato! Baby #2 should weigh 5 oz and measure 5.5" long

Weight Gain: At the 17 week mark, I was down 1 lb but as of this week, I've gained the weight back that I lost and I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight. Not complaining at all. This time last pregnancy I had gained around 7 lbs.

Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting ("controlled" by Diclegis AND Promethazine), bloating, MOODY, fatigue, Depression, lower back/ tailbone pain, and TMI but the last two days I've had diarrhea (not sure if it's pregnancy related or not but this is a new one for me).

Gender: WE FIND OUT TOMORROW!!!! *Knock on Wood* I think it is a boy. We'll be doing a live gender reveal on Facebook and I'll write a blog post announcing the gender and name the next day.

Name: We already have a name picked out for a boy and a name picked out for a girl. We will reveal when we find out the gender!

Movement: Pretty sure I'v…

Rory's 1st Halloween!

Happy day after Halloween! This year was Rory's 1st Halloween. I was super excited but I also wished Halloween had fallen on a weekend b/c Rory and I usually go to bed at 7:00 p.m. (and wake up at 3:00 a.m.) on nights I have work the next day. So she (and I) was pretty tired and confused as to why she did not have a bottle, wasn't laying down and was out in the cold in a costume. But hey, totally understandable.

   If you know me, you should know that we did a whole theme with our costumes. The dogs were originally supposed to be involved and I did make them half-assed costumes but then ended up not even dressing them up b/c I was just too darn tired and we had to hurry and get ready and head on over to my sister's house and get some trick-or-treating in real quick.

   It was cold. That's the one unfortunate thing about Halloween... you never know what the temperature is going to be. I dressed Rory in layers underneath her costume and put a coat on her but it obviou…