Baby #2 Gender Guess

   Alright y'all, we find out the gender later today!!! That means this is everyone's last chance to guess baby #2's gender before we find out and reveal. So freakin' excited!!! So let's take a look at what the Old Wive's Tales predictions are...

   1. Skull Theory- I couldn't do this since the tech only gave us 3D images printed out at my 12 1/2 week ultrasound. In simplest terms, rounder heads= girl, blocky/ square head= boy. So this Old Wive's Tale can't even be applied.

   2. Nub Theory- I was so sad that at my 12 1/2 week ultrasound, baby wouldn't cooperate and wouldn't move into a position to where we could do nub theory. But if the nub is straight, it is a girl and if it is sticking up (there's a certain degrees but it doesn't matter since this baby was too stubborn!), then it is a boy. And this Old Wive's Tale can't be applied.

   3. Ring Swing Test- If the ring moves in a circle (wedding band placed on a strand of your hair and put over your belly), it is a girl and if it moves back and forth, it is a boy. The ring test swung back and forth, which points to boy.

   4. Morning Sickness- It has been said that if you have morning sickness, you're having a girl and no morning sickness or very little means you're having a boy. I definitely had morning sickness again and it started even earlier this time... and I have to be on TWO medications to control it this time! So that points to girl.

   5. Cravings- They say that if you crave foods that are salty, sour, or spicy, then you're having a baby boy and if you're craving things sweet, you're having a baby girl. I crave things in pretty much all of those categories- again. So this Old Wive's Tale is no help.

   6. Acne- Little girls steal their mother's beauty while little boys give their mommies perfect complexions. My face seems pretty clear but then again my face cleared up with Rory too. But this Old Wive's Tale points to boy.

   7. Heart Rate- I've read that little boys have heart rates under 140 and little girls have heart rates over 140. While baby #2's heart rate readings have been a little lower than Rory's at those stages, they're still above 140, which means girl.

   8. Chinese Birth Chart- According to the chinese birth chart, I am having a girl.

So out of the Old Wive's Tales that I could use, more of them point to another little girl but I really think this baby is a boy.



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