Rory's Woodland/ Floral Room Reveal

   Ahh this post has been a long time coming. I never got around to posting Rory's nursery reveal b/c I went into active labor the week I was going to do the post. Buttt it worked out since I changed a lot of things in her room after she was born and changed a few more after we moved. By the way, when do you start calling your kid's room a room instead of a nursery??? At 1?

   Any who, so before we found out Rory was a girl, we had decided on a woodland theme. I just had to have a theme picked out b/c I was dying to design the nursery and start buying things.  Like most men, it hadn't really hit Jesse that we were having a child and he let me take the reins on almost everything. After we found out we were having a girl, I decided to add "florals" to the theme. The color scheme was originally mint, gray and peach but at the time when I was pregnant with Rory, finding anything mint was nearly impossible and finding anything peach was literally impossible. And of course after she was born, Target came out with a woodland nursery line and a floral nursery line- go figure (you couldn't have done this while I was pregnant Target?!). So the color scheme turned more to mint, gray, and pale pink. And like most things in our house, I mainly turned to Target, Etsy and Amazon.

I LOVE this blanket my aunt and cousin had made for Rory! It is absolutely beautiful, matches with her theme, has a quote from her gallery wall and she lays on it in her crib (she didn't start this until she was 1).

Her Childcraft Bradford 4-in-1 convertible crib is from Wayfair and her floral curtains are Cloud Island from Target!

I'm obsessed with her gallery wall above her crib!
   The "R" I painted white, flower I hot glued to the "R" and wooden frame that I painted mint (and took the glass out of) are all from A.C. Moore. The Wildflower Sign and Mountain Sign are both from Etsy. The downloadable printable Fox Print is also from Etsy. I love downloadable prints! And the White Flower (I think it is ceramic? Either way, it has some weight to it for sure) is Pillowfort from Target. 

   Rory's crib mattress and mattress protector are both by Sealy and from Target. They are the same ones as in Rhylan's room. The crib mattress is dual sided, so one side is for infants and one side is for Toddlers. Her crib sheet is by Lolli Living. You can get it off of Amazon or other sites but I'm pretty sure I got hers from Zulily. The fox pillow is from, the unicorn pillow is from Target dollar spot (you can't beat $3!), her ballerina pillow doll is from Target, and her Bear Pillow is by Pillowfort from Target. Her Fox Wubbanub is from Target (highly recommend this- she used it so much as a newborn and still uses it) and her Vtech hippo (Rhylan also has one in her room) is from either Target or Amazon (both sell it). The hedgehog is by Cloud B but I don't think they sell this particular one anymore. It projects stars onto the ceiling/ walls in different colors and shuts off after like 45 min. I like it but I much prefer the Vtech hippo b/c the hippo not only projects a starry night onto the walls and ceilings but it also plays music, tells stories, and starts playing music and telling stories again every time your baby/ kid cries. 

   How precious is my baby in her 1 year pictures?!!! Rory loves this canvas of her (JCPenney) and for the longest time, she would gasp and smile and touch her picture. She still touches it and loves to look at it while getting her diaper changed. Rory's Dresser is by Storkcraft at Target and we are also using it for her Changing Pad from Amazon. Her Diaper Caddy is also from Amazon and Rhylan has the same one but in white. I love storing diaper ointment, Tylenol, baby lotion samples, baby sunscreen, baby Vicks, etc. in this caddy and they can totally use it for make-up or hair accessories when they're older. And her Wipeable Changing Pad Cover is by Cloud Island from none other than Target. It has a cute little arrow print and I love that it is wipeable. Up against the wall between her crib and dresser is where we keep a box of overnight diapers, box of regular diapers, box of wipes and her trashcan for her dirty diapers.

   I love this shadow box I put together. It is from A.C. Moore and I bought big pink construction type paper, cut it, and glued it to the cardboard backing to bring something a little extra, match her room and also make the items in the shadow box stand out more. I really wish I was good at calligraphy but I'm not (I want to take a class though!), so I bought stickers for the quote "With Grace in Her Heart and Flowers in Her Hair". I saw that quote on Pinterest and knew it was just perfect for this. Oh yea, did I mention this is Rory's flower girl outfit from our wedding?! My aunt put together the headband, the dress is H&M and the barefoot sandals I got off of Etsy. And how cute is that little dollhouse shelf?! Target dollar spot ($5) and Rhylan has a white one!

    This built-in shelf area still needs some work. Jesse needs to put a backing behind the shelf and I still need to make Rory's Jewelry box to put up there. My MIL got the winnie the pooh bank, the horse music box was mine as a child, and the precious deer with Rory's name and birth stats on it is from Little Red Embroidery! You can't see it but you can see it partially in the picture before- Rory painted a little wooden flower that is hanging up in the upper left hand corner and she also painted that little birdhouse in the upper right hand corner. The baby monitor is by Summer Infant that we got off of Amazon and we're really happy with it. 

   That cute little owl you see on the floor is actually a dehumidifer (by Crane from Amazon) and we have definitely used it plenty with having a winter baby. And that wooden baby doll cradle and high chair were mine and my sister's as kids! I love having sentimental pieces for my kids to play with. Rory likes to actually sit in the cradle and rock back and forth and it is the cutest thing ever. The hair accessory organizer is something I made. Everything I used was from A.C. Moore except the hooks were from Walmart. We just started putting some bow clips in Rory's hair and she looks so freakin' cute and grown up! The growth chart is from Home Depot and Jesse stained it to match her furniture. We used a paint pen from Michael's to mark her height at 1 yr. I love wooden growth charts b/c kids can't rip them, if you move- they go with you and they're just a really personal piece that lets you and your family look back at your kid's different heights throughout the years.

   And her closet. The shoes you're seeing are all shoes that are too big for her. All of her shoes that fit or we just recently bought have been residing in the living room. As much as this girl used to hate wearing shoes, now she is turning into a shoeaholic and constantly asks for you to put shoes on her (my mom enjoys this a lot when she is at her house for the weekend- my mom has a basket of little girl shoes). I also keep a bin of clothes in the next size up or two in her closet (behind her shoes) so that I can easily swap them out with clothes she has outgrown when she outgrows them. Her ombre Rope Basket is Pillowfort from Target (Rhylan has the all white one) and this holds her hard/ sturdy headbands. The two striped mint Pillowfort Target Bins (Rhylan has these in Aqua) hold her bigger plush blankets (she has a few smaller blankets in one of her dresser drawers). Target has the cutest bins and in such a variety of colors. Btw, the girls' children's hangers are from Walmart and Target, ya know, if you were wondering. 

   And her little reading corner. Not 100% sure if I'm going to keep it like this or move some books and toys downstairs (I've moved some) or what but this is what it looks like right now. The Happy Trails Rocking Bear from Amazon was one of her Christmas presents from last year. She has recently started using it (but needs help getting on) and loves it! And I'm pretty sure I got that 3 Sprouts Fox Bin from either Target or Amazon. 3 Sprouts has sooo many different animals on their different styled bins. The Mint Woven Bin full of books is of course from... Target by... Pillowfort. 

   I believe we got the bookcase from Home Depot which is holding some books, an owl piggy bank my mom got for Rory and brought to the hospital when she was born, an owl bin that my mom got (I think she got it from Walmart), and the white owl has signatures from the guests that attended my baby shower when I was pregnant with Rory. Also on the bookshelf is a little hippo floral print my mom got for Rory when I was pregnant with her (hippos are my favorite animals besides dogs), a piece of wooden branch with a pom pom caterpillar on it that Rory made at school, a pink bunny mason jar light that Rory made at school around Easter time last year, a Cloud Island Lamp from Target that projects little trees onto the walls, a personalized snow globe from Things Remembered that we gave to Rory for her 1st Christmas (so glad I bought this engraved piece in case she was born early before Christmas since she did in fact come early), and a baby bottle that contained candy corn filled in it as a game from my baby shower but now holds pacifiers (or bippies as we call them). 

The pink wooden rocking chair I think I also got from Home Depot. Rory LOVES it- actually "love" is an understatement. We got this for her first birthday and she is obsessed. And she looks so grown up sitting in it and looking at books. And above her bookcase is a 6 piece Woodland Animals Watercolor Print Set. I got this off of Etsy and the seller does more than just woodland animals. I love their little floral crowns and the floral crowns + woodland animals are just the perfect touch to Rory's Woodland Floral room. 

And finally, also by her bookcase is a canvas print (from Canvas on Demand) of my little precious Rory Bear at 1 month old. *Cue the tears* 

   I seriously am in love with Rory's room and thinks it suits her and her personality perfectly. Whenever I walk in here, I instantly just smile. I can't help it. The room just gives off this cheery positive vibe. I feel like I'm in a little girly forest or field of flowers. I am beyond happy with the way Rory's room turned out and Jesse thinks I did a great job... and I think Rory is pretty darn happy with it too. 



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