What's in My 1 Year Old's Easter Basket

   I can't believe it is not only almost the end of March but almost Easter!!! I still need to buy some plastic eggs (b/c why not?) and an egg dye kit for us to try to squeeze in some time to dye eggs with Rory this weekend.

   Anywho... I'm sure there are so many of you out there that are wondering what the heck you put in a 1 year old's Easter basket. Whether it be for your own kid, your niece/ nephew, grandchild, or whoever, I'm going to let you in on what we put in Rory's Easter basket. By the way, can you believe this is Rory's SECOND Easter?!!! Like how?!

   So I've been storing Rory's Easter presents in Rhylan's room and waited for her to go to bed so that I could finally put it together last night. She definitely got a little extra this year. I think I kind of wanted to spoil her a little extra since this will be her last Easter as an only child (unless Rhylan comes early).

    Oh and that beautiful Easter basket is actually the Easter basket my aunt made for Rory last year. I think it is just so pretty and perfect!
      Ok, so let's start off with Target. Target always has so many cute Holiday themed things in their dollar spot section and I'm obsessed. The ballerina bunny, pearl necklace and pearl bracelet are all from the Target dollar spot! I also got Rory these cute bunny ear hair clips but one is a little messed up and I need to fix it (at some point- eventually).
    Also from Target (but not the dollar spot section), we got Rory the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set. Y'all, I am so excited to have little tea parties with Rory and Rhylan!!!
    And that sweet little Belle doll hiding in there I got from ToysRUs. I think they were BOGO 50% off at the time or something, so I also got Rhylan an Ariel one.

    And of course I had to include some books in her basket. We got Rory Llama Llama Easter Egg and Guess How Much I Love You. We also got her a PJ Masks Wondour Color On-The-Go coloring book. Girlfriend takes after her mommy with loving to do arts and crafts but art= a big mess. I had seen a few moms talk about Wondour Color coloring books recently and I was all for it. The markers only work on the Wondour Color coloring pages! All 3 of these I got off of Amazon.

   And not that it matters b/c you can get Easter candy almost anywhere... I got the chocolate carrots from Target and the mini chocolate Easter bunny from Weis. I might end up putting the chocolate carrots in plastic Easter eggs in her basket but we shall see.

    By the way, aren't these bunnies the cutest?! I HAD to post these. I saw an ad for these on Facebook Marketplace and my mom agreed that the kids just had to have these (she got them for all of her grandkids). I don't know if she has an Etsy shop or anything. I just know that she is in Hanover, PA and my mom picked them up from her after they were finished. But she makes these darling bunnies and puts your kid's name on the inside of one of the ears.

   Side note: My scheduled c-section is in 2 WEEKS!!! Can you tell how excited I am to not be pregnant anymore? I did have a lot of stronger contractions throughout the night that half woke me up but I was too tired to time them.



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