Easter Weekend Recap

   I seriously can't believe this was Rory's 2nd Easter! It goes by so fast y'all! And we totally hit a parenting fail. We were going to dye eggs this year but had like no time in our schedule. We picked up an egg dying kit Friday night and when we went to dye the eggs Sunday morning, we realized we had no vinegar. Sooo egg dying will have to wait until next year.

   Oh yea and good thing we didn't take her to see the Easter Bunny. He showed up at the grocery store Friday night and she was NOT a fan.

   Anyways, so our Easter festivities started Saturday with an Easter egg hunt and late lunch at my aunt's house. A lot of my cousins and family were there with their kids and it was so much fun. It is especially awesome b/c a lot of the kids are so close in age. The older ones are close in age and then all of the younger ones are too. And what is even more fun is all of the younger ones are girls and my 2nd little girl will be added to the bunch in 1 week (or less if she comes early)!!!

   This was Rory's first ever Easter egg hunt and she was a champ! She definitely got distracted along the way wanting to play with the goat and dirt and stumps but she got probably close to 15 eggs. *So glad I changed her clothes before the hunt started.
This picture of Rory and her DaDa makes my heart melt!

   After the egg hunt and lunch, we headed back home to feed and take care of the dogs real quick and then went to my mom's for a bonfire.

   And then came Easter morning. It is so much fun to relive the Holidays through your kid's eyes. Rory is still really young and just getting to understand things but obviously last year and this year was a big difference.

   The Easter basket was a hit! I think her favorite was her tea set, so I highly recommend the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set.

   Later that afternoon we went to Jesse's aunt's house for another Easter egg hunt and late lunch. Rory wasn't as into this one but that was probably b/c it was chilly, windy, and her schedule was all messed up from staying up so late and getting home so late the night before.

   I would still call this year's Easter weekend a success and I cannot wait for next year when I'll have a two year old and one year old to chase after! I hope everyone had a great Easter!



  1. OMG, her little pigtail is THE cutest!!! Although it was busy, it sounds like your Easter weekend was a success (minus the egg-dying:) )!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Lol isn't it?! She isn't too bad with me doing her hair but doesn't like sitting still so I have to be quick.


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