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Rhylan's 2 Month Update

2 Months Old

We weighed mommy on the scale and then mommy holding you on the scale to try to estimate your weight and we tried measuring you with our measuring tape. We are estimating you to be 11 lbs and 23- 23 1/2" long.

B/c of the doctor's busy schedule this month, our busy schedules and me being back at work, your 2 month visit will be next month (big sister's 18 month visit also had to be pushed back to next month (you'll both be getting those visits together and will both get shots).

You're in size 2 diapers and you're usually drinking 4-6 ounces (but sometimes 2 or 3 oz) every 3 hours.

You are cooing and it is the most precious cutest thing ever!!! It seriously melts my heart and your daddy's heart. You talk up a storm. You will look at whoever is in front of you, stare at that person and start up a conversation.

During tummy time, you can push your upper body up some with your hands/ arms.
When you're being held/ doing tummy time on my chest/ bo…

Rhylan's 1 Month Update

Well I figured with Rhylan turning 2 months old in 3 days, I should probably get her 1 month update typed up and posted.

1 Month Old

1 Week: 7 lbs 14 oz (you got back up to your birth weight and then some!) and I think you were measuring 20" long. 50th percentile all around.

1 Month: 9 lbs 14 oz 62nd percentile, 22 1/2" long 85th percentile, and head circumference was 39 cm 84th percentile.

Your hair changes between blonde, red, auburn and light brown.

You're in size 1 diapers.

You're a talker! You're constantly talking or making noises- even in your sleep!

You're still learning to take a bippy (pacifier) but it has been a challenge. You only like the soothie pacifiers. So we decided to buy you a giraffe wubbanub (your sister has a fox one and still loves it) and we have had some success! You now keep it in a lot longer.

You nap in your boppy or in my arms. You're sleeping in the co-sleeper in our bed next to me. You're definitely a mommy's girl…

Birth Story: Rhylan Violet

I'm finally getting around to typing up and posting Rhylan's birth story. Better late than never, right?

   Ok, so most of my pregnancy (the last half or so) I was convinced Rhylan was going to be born early. I was even convinced that she would end up being a March baby. It is so freakin' hard towards the end of pregnancy. You don't want to be pregnant anymore and you just want to meet and hold your baby. Once March passed, I was like "Ok, well she is still going to come early". And then once the gestational age that I had Rory at had passed, I'll admit I was a little down and surprised. But I am happy Rhylan came on my scheduled c-section date. Rory was at my mom's house, the dogs were at boarding, and we calmly (and anxiously/ impatiently) walked into the hospital to check in for my scheduled c-section.

   I was definitely disappointed that my c-section wasn't scheduled for early morning b/c 1. I wanted my freakin' baby and 2. That meant …