Rhylan's 2 Month Update

2 Months Old

We weighed mommy on the scale and then mommy holding you on the scale to try to estimate your weight and we tried measuring you with our measuring tape. We are estimating you to be 11 lbs and 23- 23 1/2" long.

B/c of the doctor's busy schedule this month, our busy schedules and me being back at work, your 2 month visit will be next month (big sister's 18 month visit also had to be pushed back to next month (you'll both be getting those visits together and will both get shots).

You're in size 2 diapers and you're usually drinking 4-6 ounces (but sometimes 2 or 3 oz) every 3 hours.

You are cooing and it is the most precious cutest thing ever!!! It seriously melts my heart and your daddy's heart. You talk up a storm. You will look at whoever is in front of you, stare at that person and start up a conversation.

During tummy time, you can push your upper body up some with your hands/ arms.
When you're being held/ doing tummy time on my chest/ body, you will push on my hands with your feet to try to stand or crawl up me. You also are starting to briefly sit in the sit-me-up.

You kick your legs in the bathtub and you also kick your legs when you're excited (happy feet!).
You love to kick your socks off just like big sister did (now she just pulls them off all of the time).

You love chewing on your hands. I'm thinking you are probably teething- your sister started teething around this age too.

The pediatrician recommended we get you a white noise machine (I should've never sold your sisters- she didn't care for it). So we got you an on-the-go one that has a few other noises including a heartbeat. You LOVE the heartbeat and it really has been helping you nap and sleep. By the way, you have been sleeping 6-7 hours at night- hallelujah!!!

You love when I brush my finger or your wubbanub on your lips. You still love your wubbanub and like to hold him.

When it is time to go to bed and I put you in the co-sleeper, you will legit stare at me and won't go to sleep until I am laying down right up against the co-sleeper facing you and my eyes are closed. Still a mommy's girl!

You go to daycare (aka school) at Aunt Andie's house with big sis and do great. You drink the Avent bottles at school and drink the NUK bottles at home.

We got you these soothing dissolvable tablets and usually give you at least one a day if you're really fussing. They seem to help some.

You still hate getting your diaper changed and when your diaper is full. You aren't crazy about getting dressed and undressed either but you'll get used to it.



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