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iHeartRadio Music Awards

Good Morning everyone! I meant to do this post yesterday but didn't get around to it. I just had to share these two looks I saw while browsing on Yahoo! Style. Ariel Winter's and Iggy Azaela's looks were by far my favorite and I love Ariel's hair like this!

   One day down. One day closer to Friday.

Weekend Recap: When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

It's Monday...ugh, don't remind me.

   Well the saying is true, when one door closes, another one opens because I went on a date Friday night. Some people might think that was a little too quick but I know what I want in life and I'm not going to let Steve breaking up with me get in the way of that.

   The date actually went really really really well and then we ended up seeing each other Saturday and Sunday too. I didn't expect any of that at all. By the way, his name is Ryne- pronounced like "rhinestone". So I've been in a pretty good mood.

   And on Saturday morning, I went and picked up this puppy pad wizard from Ellen at Ask Away... I wanted and needed this, plus I think it is super cute!
   I also went to Ashley Furniture and ordered a new bed and then went to my mom's house to see my cute twin nephews and bring Audrey to see her fur cousins. The twins just keep getting cuter and cuter! I can't believe they are standing up and walking now…

Everything Happens For a Reason

Finally it is Friday. Now it just needs to be Friday after work when I'm at home. Audrey had a great birthday and loved her presents. Sadly, the pig died. She and Gemma kept fighting over it and they decapitated it lol. The Tuffy toy has held up and she loves it. It is so funny to watch her carry it around. I'll have to try and get some pictures of that.

   Last night I couldn't even imagine going to work today but I put my brave face on, held my head high and thought about the money lol. These past 2 weeks Steve has been pushing me away. So I gave him some space this week and then finally brought it up. He dumped me last night. It sucks, I was devastated, I cried, but now I'm over it. Today is a new day and he doesn't deserve me crying over him. I'm not going to lose any sleep over a man- well boy. He acted like a little boy.

   I believe everything happens for a reason and now I get to meet new guys, go on dates, and of course tell you all about them. I…

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey Georgina!

Oh my God, Audrey is 1 year old today!!! I can not believe it. I say it all the time but I still view her as a 6 month old puppy (I don't know why I say 6 months old). My little roley poley has grown so much in many ways. I never thought the scared skittish 4 month old puppy I brought home would be the dog she is today. She is a strong spunky pushy little girl and I love her with all of my heart. She can be a complete brat sometimes and still has to work on some things but she has just progressed so much and I am so proud of her.
^Look at baby Audrey!!!
I think she may need a new birthday shirt next year. This one is a little snug but doesn't she look so cute?
She was not in the picture taking mood last night. Sorry Audrey but I knew we wouldn't have time to do a photo shoot this morning.  She is such a grump.
And here are the birthday presents she will be getting when I get home from work. I know that pig won't last but hopefully that Tuffy toy will.
   Happy Birth…

Swimsuit Season

Happy hump day! Well we are finally hitting the half way point for the work week. My mind has been all over the place lately and I feel like I have been having a creative block or something. Those are no fun. But anyway, I thought I'd share with you some really cute swimsuits since bikini season/ bathing suit season is going to be here soon. All of these swimsuits are from Target and right now Target has a buy one get one 50% promotion going on.
                                               $19.99                                              $17.99                                             $19.99                                               $24.99                                             $22.99                                                    $17.99                                               $17.99                                                 $24.99                                           $39.99                                                     $39.99
   I do…

Weekend Recap

Well, it's Tuesday- which is better than Monday! One day down. These weeks seem like they have been going by so slow and each day feels like it's going by so slow. I hate days and weeks like these. But one thing that feels like it flew by is the fact that Audrey is going to be 1 year old on Thursday. I still see her as a little puppy or a 6 month old. With Audrey's first birthday being Thursday means that my sister's puppy, Eleanor, will be 1 on Wednesday. It's so ironic that our puppies are the same age and born 1 day apart. Jen, my sister, got Eleanor at 8 weeks old while I didn't get Audrey until she was 4 months old. It was just fate lol.

   So Friday it snowed. Like seriously Mother Nature? Thank God it only snowed like 1 1/2" and melted this weekend but still! But I got some pictures of me in my new sweater cardigan from Forever21 with my princess, Gemma. She usually cooperates really well with taking pictures but for these ones I had to hold her.…

Ultimate Skin Care System Review

Happy Sunday ya'll! Today I am bringing you a skin care review. For those of you who don't know, I have adult acne as well as a skin condition I was born with called Keratosis Pilaris. I also suffer from anxiety, which has resulted in me picking my skin obsessively. I have gotten to the point where I don't pick me face nearly as much as I used to, but unfortunately, I have some scarring and skin damage. Because of my Keratosis Pilaris, I have sensitive, red, bumpy skin. I also get stressed very easily and even at my age, I already have some wrinkles. In addition to all of these skin issues, I used to tan in a tanning bed all the time. So I do not have good skin.

   I was extremely happy when I got the chance to partner up with Team Innovations to try out and review their new skin care product. They sent me Vitamin C Serum Advanced and Phytoceramides Advanced Facial Cleansing System. The serum is a liquid directly applied to your skin and the cleansing system is actually…

Kiss Me Organics: Organic Dandelion Root Tea Review

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Today I am introducing you to an organic tea by Kiss Me Organics. With my health problems, I am trying to eat and drink healthier in an attempt to be healthier, improve my health problems, and try to lower the risk of developing more health problems.

   One of the things I switched up with my morning routine is instead of making an iced latte, I have been switching to tea. I have been trying out different teas including Kiss Me Organics' organic dandelion root tea with hibiscus and cinnamon. I've always wanted to try adding dandelion in my diet, so this was perfect.

   Something that always concerns me with trying out teas is the taste. I don't want to add sugar to be able to tolerate it because that makes it less healthy. You can always add raw honey, but I prefer a tea where I don't have to add anything to it. This organic tea is definitely a tea that you don't have to add anything to. I don't…

OOTD Denim on Denim and a Health Update

It is Friday!!! I get so happy when this day comes around but get even more happier when it is Friday and I am back at home. Unfortunately, it is snowing right now. Not happy about that one bit. I really hope we don't get as much as they are calling for. Because of all of my "blackouts" and crashing into things when that happens, I am becoming so scared to drive- ESPECIALLY in snow. My commute is 1 1/2 hours, so I probably will end up leaving work early but still have to drive in the snow.
   Sooo I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday. Now my Doctor thinks I have Narcolepsy. I do have all of the symptoms. So I am supposed to be getting a sleep study done at my home whenever they get the appointment scheduled. I'm really trying to stay positive and not lose hope here but it is hard when all of your previous tests have come back normal. So I just feel like this one will too and then I still won't have answers. But there is no point in thinking negative, es…

Three of My Top Makeup Picks

I wanted to do a non-sponsored review post on three makeup products I use because they work so well and I love them. I am ALWAYS trying new cover ups and foundations. Even with always trying new ones, I stayed away from anything that was over $8 but lately I have been trying things that are a little more expensive than that but not over $16. I can be a little frugal when it comes to makeup.

   Recently I had read another Blogger's post about finding a dupe for a more expensive mascara and she recommended it. Well, Maybelline's Lash Sensational is the dupe! It glides on so smoothly, doesn't make your eyelashes stick together, and there is no clumping! What else do you need in a mascara? I started using this mascara Saturday, so I am wearing it in my weekend recap pictures. This mascara retails at $6.94.
 I also really like the color of the bottle. It is like an aluminum rose gold or futuristic rose color.
As you can see, I use this matte + poreless foundation powder a lo…