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Meh, it's Monday. Let's keep it simple. Here are a few of my absolute favorite looks from the VMAs. There are others I really liked but these are my tops.

All Photos via Yahoo! Style
   Enjoy your Monday and try to stay sane! -Heather

Get Sun Kissed Legs

Good evening y'all! So last Saturday (yes, I know this post is late) my mom and I went out to celebrate. I can't tell you exactly what we celebrated just yet but I will soon. I rarely get to go out and when I do go out, that is pretty much the only time I get to show off my legs... unless running errands in spandex-like shorts counts.

   The end of summer is getting close and I really wanted to wear a pair of shorts out but my legs are so pale. Like really pale. This lady has had no time for tanning this summer at all. So what is a girl to do? Use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs! I have used countless tanning products and I have tanned in tanning beds (and outside). But I'm not trying to get skin cancer, so I said goodbye to tanning beds. I have tried spray tans, sunless tanning sprays sold in stores, and other different types of sunless tanning lotions and creams. But this one is different.

   First, I loved that this sunless tanner is water resistant. That's a huge plu…

Bring a Little Sunshine into Your Dog's Life

Good Morning. Today I share with you a very special dog toy. I don't remember all of the specific details but sometime in July or June- I think earlyish July, The Diva Dogs posted on Facebook that there were going to be a number of limited edition Jolly Balls made, in honor of Champ, sold online at Carolina Pet Pantry.

   Let's back up for a minute. Who is Champ? While I am not going to tell Champ's whole story or go into great detail about him b/c I was not his dog momma and was not involved in his rescue, I will brief you. Champ was/ is a rescued English Bulldog. And y'all know that I have such a soft spot in my heart for English Bulldogs. His mom who adopted him took care of him, nursed him back to health, loved him with all of her heart and made his last years the best years he ever had. She gave him that spoiled Bulldog life that every dog deserves. Sadly, Champ passed away this year. Champ loved Jolly Balls (and so do his other bulldog siblings).

   And thus c…

Pet Giftbox #5

Almost halfway through the work week. I consider around noon to be halfway through the work week and boy am I tired this morning. Someone paleeease stick some wires in my eyes and charge them up.

   Sooo I have decided to drop Pet Giftbox. In case you do not know what Pet Giftbox is, it is a monthly subscription and you get a box of a variety of dog products each month. It usually has some treats, 1-3 toys, and sometimes another type of product such as pet balm or doggie bags or something. Although they are a few bucks cheaper than some of the other pet subscriptions, it just isn't worth it. The first box or 2 had good quality dog toys but the last few just kept getting worse. I feel like I gave Pet Giftbox a fair shot, 5 months. All of the dog toys that have been in the last few boxes have been destroyed the same day I gave them to the dogs or 2 days if I'm lucky. This box, I feel like the toys are borderline Dollar Tree quality dog toys. It's unfortunate that it didn&…

Tattoosday: Tattoo Fails

So most of you know that I love tattoos and love getting tattooed. I came across one of those sites of hilarious tattoo fails today. If you go to Google, they will give you more than enough images and links showcasing these fails from spelling errors to freakishly scary messed up portraits.

   I thought I'd give y'all a laugh today and share some hilarious tattoos that have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you go to a good artist, know spelling and grammar yourself, and make your artist write the word or quote or whatever on the area of your body in marker and look at it prior to them starting the tattoo, then this shouldn't happen.

   I'm sharing just a few of the many tattoo fails from Just Something

I feel like a lot of tattoos that I see with the word "regret" always have a spelling error whether it is the actual word "regret" or a word in the quote. Pretty Ironic huh?
In some cases, I think the person getting tattooed and/ or the …

Gotcha Day

Ugh, it's only Tuesday? And it has been thundering. Lovely. I am tired as F***.

   So ironically, I got my dogs around the same time each year I got them. Not only do I celebrate their birthdays, I also celebrate their Gotcha Days- the day I got them. Audrey's was August 2, 2014, so I have had this little naughty girl 1 year as of this past Sunday. Tigger's is August 3, 2013 and I have had him for 2 years as of yesterday. And finally, Gemma's is August 4, 2012, so I have had this princess for 3 years today! It's funny how that little pattern happened. I joked around a few times this year that if I got a fourth dog this year, that it would be August 1st to continue the pattern. But as you can see, I did not get a fourth dog. Even though I consider Gemma and Audrey medium-sized breeds, they are considered large breeds. So I think having 3 large breed dogs by myself is enough for me.

   And what is a celebration without presents?!?!

 Tigger is a chewer. He destroye…