Rhylan's 3 Month Update

3 Months Old

Weight: 13 lbs (68th percentile)
Length: 25" (95th percentile)

You're bigger at 3 months than your sister was at 4 months which is mind boggling to everyone but part of me thought you were a little bigger than her.

You're still in size 2 diapers and still usually drinking 3-6 oz every 3 hours but you now sleep about 8 hours at night (still in our bed in the cosleeper)!

You are still munching away at your hands and loving your wubbanub, Mr. Giraffe. You hold him, throw him, and wack yourself in the face with him. You also play with your hands and throw them up in the air a lot more now. I'll be on the couch and you'll be in the bassinet attachment in the pack n' play on your boppy and all of a sudden I'll see your fist fly up in the air like you're John Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club (you'll see this movie one day, I promise).

Your great aunt isn't watching you anymore, so you and sissy are home with dada for the time being and we've been touring daycares. You, dada and sissy facetimed me at work the other day and when daddy turned the phone to you, you gave a big smile as soon as you saw my face.

You giggle! Of course you laughed your first time with your daddy while I was at work... just like your sister did most of her firsts when I wasn't there.

Your personality is shining through more and more each day and you're becoming your own little person. I love it!

You get so excited when you hear mommy's voice and I talk to you and say your name. You get the biggest smile and it melts my heart. Even though you're giving your dada more smiles than before, you are still such a mama's girl.

You rolled over with minimal assistance!

You hold your head up even more during tummy time and when being picked up and held. You're getting so strong!

You and Rory went in the pool at CiCi and LuLu's first birthday party and you fell asleep while people were holding you in the pool.

I hold you up while making you pretend walk or jump on the floor and your sissy thinks it is hilarious. I make you chase her around and dance and she loves it. A few days ago I made you do the Hokey Pokey. You don't look too thrilled but we're all sure enjoying it. Poor kid, suffering from 2nd child syndrome. We love you Riley Bear!

Had to put this headband on you for your 3 month pictures- your sister wore the same one in her 3 month pictures.



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